The Book on Boundless Courage

How to Overcome the Challenges of a Relationship or Get Out of it!

This book was written to encourage lovers, friends, and partners to maintain, retain and fortify the love that brought you together in the first place. Whether you seek to improve your healthy relationship or wish to transform or end an unhealthy relationship, I provide tips and strategies to help you find the path you most desire. My book is geared to teach you how to build the confidence you need to move your relationship from an unhealthy zone to a zone of desirability. The Book on Boundless Courage takes you through the process of making your life more fulfilling and positioning your relationship in the best state possible.

In my book, you will learn:

  • How to overcome challenges and struggles in your relationship
  • How to muster the courage to improve your own relationship
  • How to strengthen your bond and rekindle your love and your life together

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About the Author

Jacinth Salmon-Brissett is an educator, author, and entrepreneur. She was born in the 1950s, with a hunger to read and write. She has spent years facilitating and accommodating students’ diverse learning styles. Along the way, Jacinth has gathered a deep understanding of how personal relationships can grow and change, both positively and negatively.

In building her own interpersonal skills, Jacinth has gathered strategies and experiences that she has passed on to others. She continues to work in the field of education, with her latest position being teacher with the Calgary Board of Education.

Jacinth was born in Jamaica and has used many of the lessons learned there throughout her teaching and writing career. Today, she continues to teach, and also to grow her vacation rental business. Jacinth currently lives in Canada, where she immigrated with her children almost two decades ago.

The Book on Boundless Courage

How to Overcome the Challenges of a Relationship or Get Out of it!

Where is Your Relationship Right Now?

Self assessment relationship quizzes: understanding where your relationship is at the moment

The Challenges of Relationships

An examination of various elements that place pressure on the relationship

The Good in Relationship Challenges

Challenges are not necessarily bad: they provide insight into what needs adjusting or fixing for a better life together

How Do You Communicate with Each Other

Understanding the nature, process, effect and result of communication

The Art of Compromise

To compromise is not to give away your rights or to demand to be heard but rather to give some and to take some

The Right Way to Argue

Arguments and disagreements do not have to impact your relationship negatively:they are good when used with care

Is it Abusive

Building an awareness and reaching for support sooner than later

Riding the Storm to Save Your Relationship

Though storms come to demolish you, they can leave you more fortified

Rebuilding Your Relationship After Overcoming Obstacles

Your positive conversations and interactions provide the hope on which to rebuild your relationship

When All Else Fails

Make use of the support systems that are available to help you navigate and transition back to your state of singleness

The Journey of Relationships

Relationship challenges are to help you grow, create change, improve and become better individuals

The Book on Boundless Courage

How to Overcome the Challenges of a Relationship or Get Out of it!

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